Donate your birthday!

A wise man once said you should be the change you want to see in the world.

Start doing so on yourbirthday! Create an event and invite your friends to donate.

A child in need will benefit of your kindness.

It’s easy, instead of presents, you get donations.

Hi there! So your birthday its coming! Are you excited? Are you planning a big party? Or a smaller party?  Or no party at all?

Whatever the mood you’re in, this year you can choose to do something extraordinary, something that would fill your heart with joy.

This year you can choose the gift you want to receive from your friends, and you can also choose to give the gifts you recieve to those that need help the most.

It’s so simple, instead of gifts, you’ll receive donations.


So, create your special event and invite your friends to donate for the cause you choose, and a child will benefit from your kindness.

Celebrate & Donate is a World Vision project that aims to offer a better future to poor children from rural areas.

We work with the most vulnerable communities where children need hope. But time seems to stand still for them.

Find out more about our work here

Donate your birthday!

Why should you donate your birthday gifts?

Romania has the highest infant mortality rate in Europe. Romania is also in the lead when it comes to teenage pregnancies. And half of the birth mortality cases are due to the fact that pregnancy was not monitored by medical staff.

In Romania today, 225,000 children live in extreme poverty. In rural areas, 1 in 10 children go to bed hungry every night. School does not feed their immediate hunger, but education is their only chance of survival.

50% of rural parents struggle to provide a basic diet, with the required nutrients, for their children, whereas only 26% manage to give them quality food.

It’s hard to hit the books on an empty stomach. The statistics show it! The national school dropout rate in Romania has reached a record all time high of 18%, way above the EU norm of 11%, and 74% of the children that give up school live in rural communities .

What do we do with the gifts donated?

List of gift

Select a gift you would give to your friend from the shelves below, but instead help a child. Now that you have chosen the perfect gift, just enjoy your friend’s birthday party!

Clothing for kids

Track suit, jacket, sweater, gloves, hat, scarf and thick socks.

210 RON

Family food parcel

sugar, oil, rice, pasta, canned food, tomato paste

150 RON

Winter blanket

Warm winter blanket, 200x210 cm

100 RON

School supplies

Pencil case, dictando notebooks, mathematical notebooks, painting colors, painting notebook

75 RON


Puzzle, colored pencils, coloring book, story book

50 RON

Baby kit

diapers, soap and shampoo

80 RON

Donate your birthday!

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