Baby kit

More than half of the rural children live in homes without running water and bathing in the house. Often the poverty and despair of parents is seen on the dirty faces of the children. Try for a day to keep a baby dry and clean without a diaper, water with a bucket of water from the well, and you will understand how recognizable you would be a mother for such a package.

diapers, soap and shampoo
80 RON


In homes where the only thing which stirs a child’s imagination is the thought of a hot meal or the possibility of finding a dry and warm place under their roof, toys are nonexistent.

Puzzle, colored pencils, coloring book, story book
50 RON

School supplies

Nearly one in three children in rural areas drop out of school before ninth grade. 62% of households with school-aged children are barely able to afford the basic necessities of life, therefore school supplies are not a priority for survival.

Pencil case, dictando notebooks, mathematical notebooks, painting colors, painting notebook
75 RON

Winter blanket

When the winter comes, a blanket can be a shelter and source of heat for a whole family. Only 17% of rural dwellings are connected to gas, 26.8% have central heating, 33.2% have insulated houses.

Warm winter blanket, 200x210 cm
100 RON

Family food parcel

Have you ever gone to bed on an empty stomach? If so, you won’t forget that rumbling feeling inside. Imagine trying to put a hungry child to bed. One in ten children from rural areas go to bed hungry.

sugar, oil, rice, pasta, canned food, tomato paste
150 RON

Clothing for kids

During winter, some children have to take turns going to school because they only have one thick coat in the house, which they share. 70% of parents from financially unstable rural homes say they struggle every month to make ends meet. Many children in poor families spend their winters huddled up in the house trying to keep warm

Track suit, jacket, sweater, gloves, hat, scarf and thick socks.
210 RON