Why should you donate your birthday gifts?

Romania has the highest infant mortality rate in Europe. Romania is also in the lead when it comes to teenage pregnancies. And half of the birth mortality cases are due to the fact that pregnancy was not monitored by medical staff.

In Romania today, 225,000 children live in extreme poverty. In rural areas, 1 in 10 children go to bed hungry every night. School does not feed their immediate hunger, but education is their only chance of survival.

50% of rural parents struggle to provide a basic diet, with the required nutrients, for their children, whereas only 26% manage to give them quality food.

It’s hard to hit the books on an empty stomach. The statistics show it! The national school dropout rate in Romania has reached a record all time high of 18%, way above the EU norm of 11%, and 74% of the children that give up school live in rural communities .

What happens with your donations